The Mind Keeper Bible Study


The Mind Keeper Bible Study is an online course. This course was created from a prophetic revelation that later became a powerful and practical teaching on seven steps that will transform your life and empower you to walk in freedom in your mind. 

The course includes: The Mind Keeper digital book (30 pages), 12 (10-minute) videos, 13 printable declarations, 8 printable worksheets with an option to comment personally to me, and a bonus Perception is Powerful eBook. 

You may not have initial control over every thought that crosses your mind, but you do you have the choice to control what thoughts you harbor and meditate upon daily. Every thought, emotion, and image you choose to dwell on will consume your mind, feed your desires, and drive your passion.

You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

We have the ability to harness our mind and control what we think. Our mind wants to run away with us and focus on emotional things, rehearsing them over and over again. Through my experience in life, I needed peace, and to walk in wisdom. So, I had to trust my process in the Lord and use tools that I know work against what I was feeling. 

So, I reached way down deep inside and remembered, "If I force my mind to lean into God and hide in His presence, my mind will line up with His Word; my emotions will rage as they will, but they will submit and surrender to the spirit if my mind stays focused on what is TRUE."


The Revelation

The Gatekeeper

Module 1 - Recognizing the Battlefield

Module 2 - Discovering the Truth

Module 3 - Preparing for the Battle

Module 4 - Applying the Truth

Module 5 - Adjusting and Realigning

Module 6 - Believing and Walking in Truth

Module 7 - Hiding in the Stronghold

Final Thoughts

Farewell Blessing


I truly believe this journey through the seven steps to walking in freedom in your mind will transform your life. It is a life long journey of continuing in your faith in Jesus and pursuing the heart of the Father as you apply each one of these truths. 

Always remember, Father God is your Mind Keeper and you are stronger than you think you are!

Love and Prayers,

Julie Giordano

If you are interested in a Group Bible Study there is an option on the check-out page to contact me by email to purchase hard copy books and declarations (Minimum of 25 or more) for your group that can be used with your Bible Study.

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Book, videos, worksheets, declarations, and eBook


The Mind Keeper Bible Study

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